Monday, June 17, 2013

Halifax....Saint John.....

Hello Everyone,

This week has been interesting. I have spent the entire week in the mission home with Sister Leavitt as my companion. Being companions with the mission presidents wife is very different. On Tuesday after I got to the mission home all of the leadership council had a meeting. Not being on the leadership council I did not feel like sitting in on this meeting, but they did let me listen from the living room. Great things are about to happen in this mission. The work is moving forward. The force is getting larger. President Leavitt is truly called and inspired by God. The mission was just approved to receive 10 more sisters before the end of the year. When I came out Sister Rust and I put the total of sisters to 10. By December we will have 34!! It is so exciting. Wednesday we got up and (all of the leadership council) went to a nursing home and sang to the residents. It was great. There are many missionaries in the mission that are very musically talented. They have made a musical concert with these missionaries, they will be traveling through the mission to perform. They made a youtube video to advertise for it. you can look it up "Canada Halifax Mission". I think it is called the Orange Blossom Train or something like that. Well wednesday I also got to attend the temple....I have not been since January..It was amazing. We attended the French session. Very neat. I went out to dinner with President and Sister Leavitt that night. I think I have learned more about what is going on in the mission in the past week than I will ever again on my mission. Thursday and Friday kind of blur together for me. I saw a doctor on friday (Dr. Fox.) On Saturday I got to go to the temple again. :) The Saint John ward and all of the missionaries came to Halifax for the ward temple trip and I was able to attend with them. I also went to work with the Halifax Sisters that evening. It was good to get out and work!!! Sunday I attend church in sackville (I think) President goes around to all of the wards in the mission to speak and that is where he was speaking. It is really neat to live with the mission president and his wife. I always knew they were busy and always have a lot going on...but I never knew what really goes on...SO MUCH WORK!!! They are great.
ok well know for the update...the doctor (Dr. Fox) thinks that I have a Vascular Headache...not really sure what that means, but he did say that it can not be treated with normal Tylenol and Advil. He gave me a medication that he thought might help, but it did not. While I was in the hospital the week before the doctor told me to go see a neurologist...they set up an appointment for me for this week. Dr Fox also thinks it would be a good idea for me to go see the neurologist. I was suppose to see him this morning, but he was sick. I have an appointment with him tomorrow. President Leavitt and Elder Clark (his assistant) drove me back to saint john (4 hours away) last night. I will stay in Saint John until I see the doctor, and then I do not know what I will be doing. 
We are also having transfers this week. We have one new sister coming in on wednesday and he is not sure where we will all be serving. He wants to figure out what is going on with me before he makes any decisions. They are taking great care of me here..dont worry about me. :) 
The work in saint john is going great. Sister Sandberg is working with Sister Hodder. She is serving a mini mission right now. She is from Halifax. She is waiting to leave on her mission to France in a couple of weeks. They are doing great things in Saint John...I wish I could join them. I would not be surprised if President Leavitt either calls you or emails you after I see the doctor. But I have no idea! Well I think that is the update for now. I wish I had more exciting things to tell you. but that is about it. 


Sister Riddle


  1. I hope she gets to feeling better!-- (Sister Rust's mom)

  2. We are taking her into a neurologist this morning. Hopefully we will know more this afternoon...Thank you for your concern. I know all she wants to do is get better fast so she can get back out there!