Monday, June 17, 2013

Weeks are looking like Days!

Hey Everyone
Another week is gone!!! What???  The weeks are starting to look like
days for me. The other day I was talking to the new missionary in our
apartment (Elder Bradley) and he asked me how many phone calls home I
have left and I told him 2.  But, then I was thinking about it and I only
have one phone call left!!! What?  When did that happen?  Time is
going fast and my time is getting far spent.

The work is going fast.  We have been focusing on a few people and have
been giving them baptismal dates.  So far, we have one baptism planned
for June 30th. We also have 3 baptisms planned for July 14.  We have been blessed
with prepared people in our area. This week we have also taught two
new investigators, Joyce and Florence. Both of them are already
progressing! We have taught them both the restoration and both
understand the need for the Book of Mormon. I feel happy whenever we
get to go and see them.   So, that is the success we have been having
in our area.  But, like I always say, with every good thing there is a bad
thing about to happen. This week the "bad thing" was my companion
(Elder Helgesen from Michigan) got sick and he was down for a day and
a half. Something interesting happened when my comp was sick. I got a
phone call from one of our investigators named Nana Ama. She too was
sick and wanted us to come and give her a blessing.... my mind stopped
and all I could think about is how I could go and give this faithful
investigator  a blessing, but also how I could stay with my
companion.... I could not think of how I could do it. Then I got a
phone call from one of our young men. He and one of our other young
men (who was just given the Melchizedek priesthood three weeks ago)
wanted to come and go teach with us.  This was an answer to my
prayers! I told them both to come to our apartment so we could go on a
small split with them. I went with JR. who just received the
Melchizedek Priesthood and the other young men (Richard) stayed with
Elder Helgesen. So, I was able to go and give a blessing to Nana Ama.
It was a very good experience and helped me understand that Nana Ama
is ready for baptism!!!!

Well I hope you can understand my story with my broken English!!!!!  (:

Thats my week, I hope you all had a good one just like I had
From Ghana With Love
Elder Riddle

ps i just went to a store and found peanut butter!!!!! thats right BOOOM

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