Monday, June 3, 2013

Email is Bad today

hello everyone 
hey sorry but this email is going to be short because the email is bad today...  

this week has been an OK week we have had plenty of lessons and we found some new investigators it been good, but there is opposition in everything isn't there?  the opposition this week for me was that i fell sick on Wednesday and Thursday i guess i ate some bad food or something like that, but we were not able to go and teach for those two days but dont worry i am better now i am much healthier!!!

 time is going to fast... this is my 6Th week in buokrom and next week is transfers so maybe i will get a new comp next week, we will find out on Saturday. a lot is happening this week we are planning on having 30 or so lessons this week and we are having 3 baptisms on Sunday we are staying busy and working hard. the baptisms that we are having this week are all referrals from members so its good SOME members have seen that they can help our work and they have been a big help.
well this email has taken me about an hour to write so i cant take much longer sorry its short i will try and have some letters sent your way this week!!!!
love you all 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle

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