Monday, June 24, 2013

Hope you guys have a good week!! I know I will!!!

Hey everyone how are things going?? Sounds like you guys have been having fun with your summer!!! I am supper bummed that I missed Strawberry Days, but oh well! 

Well this week has been crazy. We had a total of 22 lessons and we gave 2 baptismal dates. One for next week, Sunday (the 30th) and one for 14 July.  Right now we have a total of 5 baptismal dates, one next week and 4 on the 14th. In our weekly planning we set a goal of having 8 baptisms for our next quarter goal!! That is a freaking high goal, but I think this area is ready to accept the gospel!!!!!

So this week has been good. Everything was going well, until Sunday. Sunday we were going to have 3 people given the Holy Ghost but we only had one show up!!! I found out that one of the people that was supposed to come(Grace) was sacked from living in her house!!!! I guess the MEMBER that Grace was living with did not want her to stay with her anymore so she kicked her out!!!  I dont know where she has gone to!!   When I found this out I was not a happy camper at all! How can a member just kick a 16 year old girl out of the house.  Just thinking about it right now is making me mad!!!
So thats how my week has been. Some how good, and some how bad, but thats mission right?   

Today has been long, this morning we washed our clothes, cleaned the apartment, wrote some letters, and then went to central market, mind you central market is one of the biggest markets in Ghana We went in search of cloth! (I am having a guy make me some sweet shirts) I am so glad that I asked a member to come with us. If I didn't, I would be lost in the market right now  and would never be able to find my way out!!!   I will take pictures next week of how massive this market is! Its crazy! 

This evening we are having FHE with the member that took me in to the market (the Solomons aka the solos)  We will be watching the Work and the  Glory. I have yet to watch them since you guys have sent them to me!!

What will you guys be doing for the 4th?.... boating?
Thats all from me! Hope you guys have a good week!!  I know I will!!!

From Ghana with Love 
Elder Riddle 

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