Monday, June 10, 2013


Hello everyone,
I got the package!!! Thank you! Yes the Oreo's and Peanut butter made it!! :D No i did not look at the small box yet. I am patiently waiting to open it. Brother Cosman also showed me the video that he fun to see al of you! 

Well this week has been a crazy week. We found a new investigator Gabbrielle this week. She is only 22. She is a nursing student here in saint john. She is a referral from a member. When we met her for the first time she asked us what course she needed to take to be baptized. She had already done a lot of research and wants to be baptized! I think we have another Lisa on our hands! It is so exciting to see people really prepared accept the gospel. Well we will be teaching Gabbie via skype..kind of different! She is going to be in and out of saint john all summer because of her summer job. We will teach her twice this weekend while she is here and then it will be via skype until she is back up in saint john. She is going to be baptized on July 27th. 

So President Leavitt has asked each area in the mission to make a giant map of the area! Well in order to do this we have to get a transparency of the map and project it onto the wall, and then draw (trace) everything onto the wall. Well we finally got to start this big project. As we were having trouble getting the transparency made I kept thinking that my dad could print a giant map and send it to me!! I was just about to ask if I could call you when we finally got the transparency! 

Well transfers are next week. I am not sure what will happen to me, but we found out last night that Elder Prince (our district leader) is going to be transferred tomorrow. He is going to be a zone leader in Nova Scotia. There is nothing I hate more than transfers!! Always saying goodbye. It is so hard to say goodbye to missionaries. It is like saying goodbye to family. Elder Prince is going to be a great Zone Leader! Elder West is going to be our new District leader. I dont know him very well but from what I do know he seems very nice and a great missionary. We are excited to work with him. 

So I have had a hard week this week. I have had lots of headaches. Sister Leavitt wants me to go to halifax and stay with them for a few days while I see a doctor that is a member there. I will be riding up with Elder Prince and Elder Gross, they are going to a Leadership training meeting tomorrow in Halifax. Maybe they will let me sit in and learn all of their secrets?! ;)

Well we have a lot things to do today...I have to pack for 5 days..and we are going to do something fun with the elders for Elder Prince's last preparation day here in Saint John. 


Sister Riddle

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