Monday, May 20, 2013

"The only good cat is a dead cat"

Hey everyone!
This week has been a good week. We have been able to accomplish a lot.  Elder Sharma and I have been trying to get the young men excited about going on missions. So, we have been taking them teaching with us sometimes. We have many lessons we will go on splits with them. Its cool to see the excitement in them. So this week we were able to have many member present lessons. I think we had about 15. It was cool and its good because our investigators get to know some of the members of the church and when they come to church they have a friend. 

This week has gone by so fast, I feel like I just talked to you yesterday but its already been a week! Crazy how time flies when your doing the Lords work. This week I realized something.... Elder Sharma has been in Buokrom for a long time and I think he will be transferred in 3 weeks (we are already in our 3rd week of this transfer WHAT?)  So I am starting to think that I will get a new companion next transfer. One of the Elders that is in our apartment told me that he thinks I will be training. Oh crap... lets just hope he is wrong! I don't think I know my area well enough to train.
So I was going to tell you a story, but I think I will just send you a picture because they say a picture is worth 1000 words. Next week I will tell you the story ok?
#1 home work in Ghana 
#2 my new area 
#3 kids at a recent converts house 
#4 the 1000 word photo    *hint...... the only good cat is a dead cat 

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