Monday, May 20, 2013


Hello Everyone!

How is everyone doing? I got the package that you sent me! THANK YOU!! I love it!

This week went by faster than any other on my mission thus far!!! I can not even think of everything that we did. We talked to a lot of great people. We also talked to a lot of...interesting people! On Saturday we went knocking and the entire street no one was interested in talking to us. One guy came to open his door, yelled just a we waited..and waited...and waited. We stood there for about 5 min...he never came back! We talked to this other guy that was not so happy that we came and knocked on his door. He said that he was not interested started closing the door and said “Kick a cat” and as we walked away he yelled “SHAMU” haha I am not really sure what that means other than please leave. But we did have some great experiences while we were knocking yesterday. We talked to this man who was very nice. He was not interested (they never are) but he told us about this (I think it is a vegetable) edible plant called a “fiddle head” It sounds pretty good, I guess I will have to go find some. We also talked to this lady..don’t ask what her name is because I could not even pronounce it when she said it. She immediately invited us in. She said that she had been watching us across the street. She said that we looked hungry. She told us to sit down and eat. She gave us some really good Banana bread and milk. We talked about her belief in God. She said that she was not interested in learning more, but that she is very mindful of others and try’s to be like Christ. Such a nice lady. Well we did talk to this great family. They have meet Elders before. They are interested in learning!! They asked us to come back when the entire family was home. I am so excited to teach them this Wednesday!!

Well Lisa is doing great! It has been so exciting to watch her grow. She is excited for her baptism. We even started talking about the program for the service. She is starting to invite family and friends to attend the service. Her boyfriend Chris came to church with her again yesterday...he even stayed for Sunday school.

Well I can not think of much else to tell you. Sorry again this email is short...Tomorrow is Elder Prince's birthday so we planned a fun surprise for the Elders. We are taking them fishing...Well I guess Lisa and Chris are taking us fishing!! Should be lots of fun!


Hope you have a great week!

Sister Rachele Riddle

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