Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day! We had a Baptism.

Hello Everyone!
Well another week gone by. I know I talked to you guys yesterday, so I won’t make this a long email. 

We had a baptism!! Their names are Nancy and Beatrice and they have been coming to church for a year and a half so we have been teaching them and their mom gave her permission for them to be baptized. We have been teaching the mom small because she cant speak English (but you found out yesterday that I cant even speak English!) and the mom told us that she wants to be baptized too. But, she wants to join with her husband. so soon we will have a new FULL family in our branch.
Oh ya, when we were at their house the other day we were filling out their baptismal record their little sister (who is 6) asked where her paper is. We had to explain to  her that she needed to be 8 to be baptized. The face she made at us was not a good face. I will always remember what she looked like when we told her she has to grow before she can be baptized. She looked like she was about to cry! She ran to her mom and told her that she cant be baptized. Her mom had to explain to her again that she is not old enough.  Then yesterday at their baptism you could tell that she was so excited for her sisters. It was a very powerful day for us.

Well, thats my story for you 

From Ghana With Love 

Elder Riddle 

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