Monday, January 14, 2013

Goodbye Bay Roberts :( Welcome to Hampton and Saint John! :)

Hello Family!!

This week...well another crazy week!!!! Its hard to even remember how the week started. Monday....oh my goodness!!!! I got Screeched in!!!! I am officially a honorary Newfoundlander!!! Hahahaha. This all consists of dressing up as a true Newfoundlander...rubber jacket, rubber pants, and rubber hat...just what you would wear to go fishing!!! well then you have to eat some different Newfoundland traditional dishes...smoked capelin?, cod tongue, cod liver oil (pill form, thank heavens) a scrunchin? (fried pork fat), hard bread, and a shot (of purity syrup, non mormon version would be to use screech . Oh and you have to kiss the Cod!!! haha it was so much fun!!!! I will send pics.

well on Tuesday...lets see...oh yes, we had a zone training.. we had to drive to Grand Falls (about a 3-4 hour drive) The church there is...kinda funny! mom you would like it!! its a condo! haha I will send pics. well the zone training took up the entire day.

Then on Wednesday I had to be to the airport at 5:30 pm. so most of the morning was just normal day. One of the other elders was also leaving Newfoundland so we left together. I got into Halifax and the Assistants picked us up. They dropped me off at the Sisters (serving in Halifax) apartment. Guess who is serving there!! Sister Rust!!!!!! It was so much fun to see her again! We had so much fun. 

Well the next morning, Thursday, I had to be up and ready to go by 4:50. Some Elders came to the apartment and picked me up. Then we all met at the mission office. (More Elders :P ) Well after loading every one's stuff on the "transfer van" (the Assistants drive) we were off to Muncton New Brunswick. I think it was about a 3-4 hour drive...I tried to sleep but lets just say I love the elders! They really like to talk early in the morning!! All I wanted to do was sleep! I was the only sister on the transfer the time we got to the church in Muncton I wanted to poke my eyes out. Well the sisters came to pick me up, and off we went, back to Hampton and Saint John. When we got to Hampton, I thought it was time for bed...well I was so wrong!!! It was not even noon yet!! The rest of the day was spent doing service (at the library) and going to a dinner appointment. 

Friday...We had a couple of lessons to go to and then we had to weekly plan. (we are still not done with that yet!) I think we had a dinner appointment that night too. 

Saturday...more weekly planning. more lessons. more food haha

Sunday was really good. we attended the Saint John ward (we serve in two different WARDS...not branch's) well we went to church and got to meet more people. then that night the mission presidency (President Leavitt, and his counselors, and of course Sister Leavitt) came and put on a fireside. It was really good. then it was home to bed!! 

Which brings us to today. I still don't have any idea what we are doing this week. we spend half the time in Hampton and the other half in Saint John. oh did I tell you that we have two apartments?! haha its kinda funny. Its nice not to have to drive back and forth to sleep! 

lets see what else can I tell you?! I cant think of anything!!! 

I am so excited for you all to go to Hawaii!!! I wish I could go, but I would rather be here...even though it is cold!!

The weather here has not been too bad yet..I hear that it gets colder than Newfoundland, but you should check out pictures of the storm that they just had!!! I heard they got around 75-100 cm of snow!! I think that is almost as tall as me!! haha I am so glad I missed that (only by a few hours!!!!) But I have been told that our turn is coming her in New Brunswick. When Newfoundland gets snow New Brunswick gets it worse (so I hear.)  When we left our apartment this morning we walked out into Newfoundland....there was, and is, so much fog!! 

Well I hope you all have a great week!!!! Have a safe flight to Hawaii...soak up the sun for me!!!!!


The Young's


The Moore's
The Parsons
Preparing to be Screeched
Grand Falls Church (its a Condo)

Grand Falls Church

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