Monday, January 21, 2013

Falling on the Ice


Dad: I love your hat!!!! I am so glad that you decided not to listen to Alex and buy it!!! 
Mickey: I also hate the taste of the ocean! How was snorkling? I bet you got to see all kinds of fun things. What color are the fish there? Did you find any fun sea shells? 
You guys look so warm!! It was negative 18 this week!!!! Consider yourselves lucky! 
This week has been good...minus the cold weather! I think I told you that I am serving in two different wards..well last week we went to the Saint John ward, and yesterday we went to the Kenabacasis ward..aka Hampton! It was great! there are some many people that I still dont know. It is going to be a lot harder to get to know everyone than it was in Bay Roberts!!
I can not really think of much that we have done this past week...meeting with a lot of people...we are teaching a man from Germany. He has already read almost all of the Book of Mormon. He understands everything that we teach. The hardest part of teaching him is helping him understand the translation. He is reading the Book of Mormon in German, but other pamphlets and things that we give him are in English. We wont be able to see him this week, but we feel really strong about committing him to baptism. I have only been to one lesson with him, and I think the other sisters only taught him once. Well we are teaching a few other people..Lynn, Lee (our landlords son) I think that is all that I have met. 
oh so funny story for you!!! Saturday we got a bit of snow...well we went to our first lesson, Sister Davis was walking behind me, all of a sudden I hear this loud thud...yep she fell on the ice!! She sat there in pain for a few minuets. Then got up! She hurt her ankle. Well a few hours later we were going to another lesson...I dont know if you know this but as missionaries we have to have someone back us up when we are driving...well I was backing   the car up and..yep...down I went!! The only battle wound that I have is a bruise. We basically wanted to give up for the day! 
This week is going to be a really fast week! We go to sisters conference on Friday and come back on Saturday. We are spending a few days in Hampton, then we will be back in Saint John. 
Well I think that is all the exciting stuff that is going on. 
Have fun in Hawaii!!!! Soak up the sun for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like Bobby said...Send me something fun! :D 
Oh and I want to see more pics! 
Mom: why are you not in any of the pictures?! I hope you are having fun! Stay warm :P

Amanda, Nick, and Kaylee!!!
How are you? Are you wishing you were in Hawaii?! Just wait till I get home and we can go ;) So how is work going Nick? anything exciting happen? I thought of you the other day...We went to teach a lesson, this guy, he is a less active member. He lives in this really sketch apartment building, and his neighbour is a drug dealer...and he offered him a job hahaha the first person I wanted to call was you! 

Well we were teaching this lesson yesterday. This guy is really confused as to why God is putting him through all these hard times. It was one of the most guided lessons that I have ever taught. The spirit was so strong. I think at that moment I realized how much I can not do this work by myself...this is not my work. I am here for the Lord...I will do and say what he wants me to do and say! I think this is a lesson that I needed to learn. I think it counts for my entire life. The Lord will guide me in all things to do...not just in this missionary life, but in everything I do! 
I love it here!!! I know that we all go through hard times, but I know that we are not alone. Christ knows how we feel, and can help us through everything that we go through. I know that this is something that I needed to learn! (I think I learned it the hard way) The church is true! 

Alex: ps you still need to catch me up to speed,,,whats going on with you and this boy?!!! 

I hope you are all doing well!!! 
I miss you all so much!!!

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