Monday, January 21, 2013

Everything is Great!

Hello Everyone !

First of all how is Hawaii? Sounds like your having fun... don’t forget to buy me something ok? ok! 

So lets see, what has happened to me this week? Honestly this week has been a little dull,  I am not going to lie. Just the normal missionary stuff, you know riding bikes, having some lessons, and eating some fufu.

This week we have had some success! We have planned a baptism for the 27th of January. And he is not even going to school! Honestly thats the best part that he is going to stay here and not move or travel or anything. Our other baptisms we have planned they have had to move or go to school. But, this is my happy week! I have not had a baptism in 6 months, so I am very happy today, but I will not be totally happy until he is standing in the water.   
I honestly can not think  of anything that has happened this week. 
um... Elder Larsen and I went on splits. Its funny because missionaries are supposed to go on splits to help each other learn, but Elder Larsen and I go on splits to cut our hair, because we are the only people that can cut white people hair. Don’t worry we teach people too. In fact that day, we taught 5 lessons. It was a powerful day!
Well this next week, on Saturday we a getting our transfer news. I can’t even guess what is  going to happen to me. Elder Chiweshe and I are both on the chopping block and anything can happen. I guess I can’t guess where God wants me to go.  
This week I have been reading in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy, freak the Old Testament is hard to understand, but thats why we have prayer! I have come to love reading the scriptures. I have read the New Testament, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and I am in the Old Testament.   I love the scriptures. There is something on each and every page that you can learn. Its the best.

Well, I am sorry I did not write much this week, its been one of those weeks  that nothing interesting happens. But don’t worry, I am doing my missionary work and having some fun also. Everything is great!

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle

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