Monday, July 30, 2012

Monkey Village

Hello every one! 
First of all we taught someone (not serious at all) that had the best name ever, a name that someone (rachele) wanted to name me! Yes we taught someone named Dork-us! ha I laughed so hard to myself when she told us her name, so funny. The names here are really weird some times. Well we did not have our baptism this last week. We had to get him interviewed by the mission president, but August 11 will be the day he gets baptized. Well I dont know if you know this or not but the President of Ghana died last week it was weird some people were happy that he died so they went out partying all night. But then we had people say that  they were to sad that he died so we could not learn with them that day at all. People in this country gosh. Well we had a visit from President Holmes on Sunday, he seems like a by the book kind of guy he is a pmg (i think this is preach my gospel) Mission President! Well it was good to see him anyways. Today for p day we went to a monkey village. It was sweet! I guess the monkeys come to that village 2 times a day, morning and evening. They have been coming to that village sense the 1830's, so the people in that village treat them like family. They even share a cemetery with them. It was cool to see some African wild Life. Maybe if I canI will send some pictures of the monkeys today. Well thats all for me its getting better in Fiapre
From Elder Riddle
ps. some of you have letters in the mail. Whats Racheles pouch address? love you all

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