Monday, July 9, 2012

Its like a Two-Way Radio

Just as I was wondering if Bobby (Elder Riddle) was going to send us an email today, I get an email saying "Hello, are you on the Computer?"  so I got to have a little Two-Way Radio conversation with Bob this morning.  And then he sent his weekly email.  The conversation went like this....

ER: Hello, how are you? Are you on the computer?
DAD: Yes, I am right here.
ER: Hey, how are you today? How is everyone doing with Rachele gone?
DAD: We are all good.  It is a little quiet around the house.  How are you?
ER: I am ok. Its been a long week and really crazy today.
DAD: How is the new mission? and President?  Why so crazy today? 
ER: Well nothing has changed yet. We went to Kumasi on Wednesday to meet him. Sometime soon he is coming up here to talk to us in Sunyani. He and his wife seem pretty cool. I dont know if anything will change.
DAD: How is the teaching going.  Is the Baptism with Stephan still on?
ER: The teaching... honestly it sucks because people are not very serious. We often find ourselves just walking around Fiapre because of failed appointments. But yes the baptism is still on with Stephan. We are teaching him the commandments this week. He understands everything we teach him. 
DAD: Great!   Keep it up.  What did you do today for p-day?
ER: We played volleyball and football (soccer) in Fiapre. It was sweet! We just got done eating fufu for lunch.
DAD: Sounds fun....are you sending pictures with your email today?  How have you been feeling? malaria wise...
ER: Sorry, no pictures today. I am at a computer that has plenty viruses. But I am feeling fine malaria wise
ER: Oh ya, on Thursday I bought an African Mask form some guy its sweet. Its made of wood. It looks cool, but I wont ship it home. It will break to easily. Maybe next week I will send a picture of it. Oh and I might buy a washer. A good one is about 300 cedis thats about 180$. I dont know if I should. What do you think?  
DAD: I don't know about the washer...what happens to it when you get transferred?  What do the other missionaries do?  Is it a washer like at home?  or is it a tub and washboard??!!  you make the decision...we trust you.  Just make sure you can use it if you do.  I hate to see you have to pay 180.00 every time you get transferred.
DAD: is there anything you need us to send you?  I need to get a couple of SD Cards sent to you.  What is your new mailing address?

And just like a Two-Way radio that went out of range............silence! (I am sure there is a Sunday School Lesson in there Somewhere!)

Sorry I dont have much to say this week.  How is everyone doing? How was the MTC drop off with Rachele? I am doing fine just a lot of hard work ahead. Its been a very long time since I have seen a letter from any of you. (i wonder if he is not getting our emails)  Mic you need to send a sticker soon I am almost at 3 months this week. Well sorry this email sucks! I love you all. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
Love Elder Riddle

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