Monday, July 2, 2012

Baptismal Date set

Hello Everyone
Ha, thanks for all the information. I love knowing what is going on back home. Well only one thing has happened since I have talked with you on Friday. On Sunday we set a Baptismal date with a man named Stephan! He has a friend in the church but in a different branch. We set the date for July 28, so hopefully he follows thru and I get a baptism on that day. Well I am proud to announce that I am now apart of the Ghana Kumasi Mission. I will be going down to Kumasi on Wednesday to meet my new Mission President. And while there I hope I will find out more about my new mailing address and stuff. I will keep you all posted.  Dad, I love you and I know this email is not long but hey, I just talked to you! Thanks for everything!
       Love Elder Riddle 

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