Monday, July 9, 2012

1st Letter from MTC

Dear Family
     Today was......very long! After I left with the Elders, I was taken up to my room. I dropped off my luggage, and went to class. I go to class with everyone in my district. There are 6 Elders, and 4 Sisters. Most of us are going to Halifax, other than 2 sisters and 1 Elder. Ini class we introduced ourselves. It was amazing how fast the spirit is felt. We each got to share why we are here. It was amazing to feel the spirit with such a short time of knowing each other. We continued the day with dinner, and other orientation meetings. I don't think I sat and did nothing all day. Oh, my companion is Sister Rust. We have so much in common. We will learn so much from each other, and learn to love each other. There is so much going on here. It's hard not to get lost! Which we did within the first two hours. Ha Ha. 
     Everyone is so happy here. I have to remind myself that we all are here for the same reason. We all know that we are children of Heavenly Father. And we want to share it with the world. I can't wait for tomorrow. I think everything will begin to make more sense. 
     I am told that the Temple will be closed until after. Leave, so I don't think I will be able to go. Also you should use Dear Elder! I can get layout emails much faster, and on my P-Day which is Tuesday, I only have 30 min. to email. It will make it faster for me to write back. Plus I get mail :) 
     Well it is late and I need to go to sleep. It will be a long day tomorrow? And this will be the only real "mailed" letter you get until I leave other MTC (July 24th). I will email you Tuesday! 
     I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do!! 
Sister Riddle

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