Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1st Email from MTC

Wow, two letters in one day.  One by mail, one by email.

Dear Family,
The past few days has been the hardest, most fun, and the most I have ever learned!! I am learning so much. On Thursday it was pretty much just an orientation day. We sat through a lot of meetings, then we went to class to meet our companions and district. My companion is Sis. Rust. She is from Vernal Ut. We get along so great. We are really learning and growing from each other!! Yesterday was by far the worst day yet. We had to do our first TRC teaching. (where we teach real people, they may be members or not.) That was really hard for me. After that we went to class and talked about how we did. I think everyone in my district was having a hard time. It was very discouraging. Our teachers are amazing!! they really know just what we need and how to help us. We had a lesson that night on stress, and how to manage it. They reasured us that we are right on track. We have only been here for four days. It seems so much longer than that. I think we all had a change of heart last night. We all came out knowing that we CAN do this! Well after class we went back to our rooms and went to bed, it took forever for me to go to sleep (a lot on my mind again) it seemed like minuets after I fell asleep, that the fire alarm went off. Yes, we had to evacuate at 1 in the morning!!!! The police came by and tried to find out what was going on. I guess they figured it out because about 30 min later they let us go back in. It then took me another 30 min to fall asleep agian, until i was again awoken...this time form (i think) a lost Sister. She came in and fliped on the light. looked around, and then turned around and walked out hahaha....well to say the least I am very tired today.
There are 6 Elders and 4 Sisters in my district. Elders Jensen, Gibbs, and Woodward, are going to Halifax (as well as Sis. Rust) Elders Olinger, Mann, and Martin are going to Bosie Idaho, as well as Sisters Cardona and Davenport. 
Well if you could not guess...Tuesday is my p-day. I only have 30 min to read and reply to emails, so will you please use Dear Elder to write me? That way I get it before I log on and start being timed.
Oh and to get into Canada I will need a copy of my call letter, will you please send it to me? I love you all so much! I really appreaciate your support! Dont worry about me they are taking good care of me here. and they are right, I dont have time to be homesick. I am constantly doing something. Today (Pday) is the only day were we have down time.
Love Sis. Riddle :D
Oh ps I got to see Kelton aka Elder Price before he left this morning! (that was for Alex I guess)
send me letters throught Dear Elder, we check the mail twice a day, so I will get it that same day!!

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