Monday, July 29, 2013

Slow Week

Hello from Ghana
This week has been long, not a lot of things happening. I got a little sick on  Wednesday and Thursday but other than that I am doing alright. Oh ya, I talked to someone about my stomach problems and I got pills. So I am getting healthy this week.
As far as the work is going... its at a stand still. We were planning on having a baptism this week but, she never showed up to her interview. So, that means no  baptism. This week we are starting off fresh... we are going to find new investigators! I am starting to get tired of people not being serious. So this week we are going to an area that we don't go to a lot and we are going to act like it is a new area and contact everyone! So here it goes!
hmm what else happened to us...I cut my hair, one of the Elders in our apartment (Elder Bradley) also tried to cut his hair but... he forgot the guard so we had to fix it for him (:  he now looks like a skin head... its kind of sad but really funny at the same time.
Other than that this week has been slow nothing new is going on. I hope this next week will be better for us and I will be able to tell you guys more stories.
Hope you have a good week, love you all 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 

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