Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey everyone..... how is it going this week? I hope everything is going well!

This week has been a little boring, nothing much going on in our area a lot of disappointment. We have been planning on having some baptisms next week on the 14 but they have not been coming to church so we had to move their dates. I hate moving baptismal dates! I hate it!!! The people we are panning to have baptized are all prepared people they all understand what we are teaching, BUT (there is always a but)  they don't come to church. So, we are going to be focusing on helping them come to church this week. We are  planning on Sister Felicity and Sister Nana Ama being baptized on the 21so that should be good!
Nothing to fun this week. I got some blisters from weeding the church compound with a cut less (machete). It was good ol fun but in the end it caused me pain because today I had to wash my clothes and I burst my blister, it kind of Stinks!!! but oh well 
Well maybe I will send some pictures of our p-day now...... ENJOY!!!!

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 

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