Monday, March 4, 2013

YES!!!! No Malaria...

Hello Everyone!
Well it's been a long week. Last Monday I started feeling sick, the same
on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. For those 4 days I was not able
to go out and teach because I was so sick. And honestly, I thought it
was malaria which would have not been good at all, but it turned out
to be some bad food that I ate. Probably banku, fufu, or fried rice.
Friday I started feeling a lot better. (good thing to because it
was my birthday) I was able to go out and see some people. For my
birthday, I did not do much. The only good food that I ate was fan ice
which is like ice cream. But, when I got back to the house that evening
there were 6 elders waiting with 6 buckets of water. Yup, they soaked
me! Happy Birthday Elder Riddle! Saturday we taught Ruth we were going
to give her a baptismal date, but our lesson was interrupted by one of
the teachers at her school ( they go to boarding schools here and live
on school grounds) so we were not able to give her a date. Yesterday
nothing to much happened but while we were walking to the house last
night we got soaked again but this time it was rain (the first rain
storm of this year)  it was crazy but felt so good!!

hmm what else has happened... today I had something interesting happen
to me.... as we were walking thru town a little girl came up to me and
just held on to my hand and would not let go. I had seen this girl
about a week ago and she was begging for food/money. So today she saw
me again and just would not let me go, so I gave her the change in my
pocket, which was maybe 80 peswes (maybe 40 cents) and she
walked a way. It hurts me to see these street children, they are
everywhere in Ghana and there is no way anyone can help them all. It
its just sad to see them. There is also a story from last general
conference a talk by Elder Gay and he talks about one of these
children. (he was the Accra mission president about 9 or 10 years ago)
its just sad.

Well in about 2 weeks we are going down to kumasi for a mission tour,
Elder Dickson is coming to talk to all the missionaries. It should be
good, he is a powerful speaker.
Well thats all I have this week, I love you all hope everyone is doing well
From Ghana With Love
Elder Riddle

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