Monday, March 25, 2013

Transfer News!!!! Trainer???

Hello Family!!

How is everyone doing this week? 
This week has been a fast, but really long week. Its hard to explain...time is so different on a mission. Monday was just like any other Monday. We did not really do anything fun, it was a slow day. 

Tuesday we had a couple of lessons lined up. We met with Heather (recent convert.) She is doing great. She loves the church and she loves her calling a librarian. (I would love that calling too.) We also had a lesson with Brittany  our new investigator from the week before. Brittany is about 15 so we decided that we would take one of the young women with us to her lesson. We picked up Andrea and went to Brittany's  (she lives in an apartment.) Well when we got there we could hear a lot of yelling between her and her mom. At this point Brittany has now only been home from school for about 20 minuets. We stood in the hall for a few minuets not knowing what we should do. We decided we would go back to the car and give her a call to see if we could still come over. She told us that it was not a good time, but that she still wanted to learn. We took Andrea back home. After that we talked about how much we miss our own mothers and how grateful we are for them. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges. Sister Miehe (Mia) came to Saint John with me. She is a new sister she is only 19!! So crazy to be serving with the younger sisters. Tuesday night we had dinner with a member. On Wednesday  we got to go over to the Hurtado's!! (Ester, Rosa, and Cloudia) I just love them so much!! Our lesson was on tithing and fast offerings. I am really coming to realize the things that I have taken advantage of. Like primary!! These two young girls don't know anything about the church, but they love to learn and their knowledge is growing. I don't think I have ever really realized how much children learn in primary. I am so grateful to have been able to attend primary. As well as having parents teach me by example the principle of the gospel. PS how in the world did you teach me about tithing and fast offerings? That is the first time I have been able to teach that on my mission. It went very well. 

Thursday morning we had mission correlation with Brother Cosman (ward mission leader) He always cooks us breakfast when we go. One week we had raw salmon :S bleh!!! Last week was just normal eggs and fruit. Well after Mission Correlation we had a lesson with Holly. Holly is still doing really well. She has met with the Bishop in preparation for her patriarchal and temple recommend!! It is one of the most exciting things to see someone that you are teaching progress to that. The time when they can receive those blessings for themselves! Well after Holly we had a lunch appointment (yes only about and hour after we had breakfast. We went to Sister Crilley's. She is the new Relief Society President.
I don't know if I have told you about "Bird Finding"? haha well we go to this park to contact people. We feed the little birds and squirrel's and talk to everyone that is there. It is pretty fun!! Well thats what Sister Miehe and I decided to do on Thursday afternoon. We exchanged back that night. favorite day..not really...Fridays are the longest days of the week!! Weekly Planning!!! We lunch...plan...plan..oh and plan some more. It is really hard to sit in an office for that long...PS, I will never have a desk job. Planning is the most important part of this work. Without it we can not accomplish anything!! 

Saturday!! Just the day I could not wait to get to!!! TRANSFER NEWS!!!! Well President has called me to stay in Saint John and train a new sister that will be coming out this week. I am supper excited...supper scared/nervous. I have learned so much in the past couple of transfers!! I am excited to continue learning!!

Sunday came and went...the fastest day of the week!!! I wish it was the longest!! I love church! 

Well I had better get going!!! 


Hope you all have a great week!!!!!!


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