Monday, March 4, 2013

8 Months in the Canada Halifax Mission !!

Hello everyone!!

I know I say it every week....where does the time go? Another week..gone! I have been out for 8 months this week?! weird!!! So I would like to write and tell you that the sun is out and there is no snow...but that would be a lie. How great it is to be living in this "snow globe" march!!! Who would have thought there would still be a winter snow storm here in march? I thought March was know jacket weather..not grass...soon to be flowers?! I cant wait to see that...If I ever see it!!!  

Wow! Sounds like so much is going on at home! That is so exciting that Jake got his call. And the new babies in the family!!! FUN!! 

This week has been a slow week. Last Monday we went on an adventure. We went to the closest "beach." Not sure if you can really call it that if there is no warm sun!! haha but we did have fun. We are going bowling again this week. Should be fun as well! I will send pictures when I have more time to upload them. 

Well the work is really slow. We still have no investigators here. We have a few potentials that we have to follow up with. We have been doing a lot of contacting referrals and visiting with less actives. I know that there are people here that are prepared to hear the gospel. Its my job to have the faith to find and teach them. President Leavitt is visiting all of the missionaries this week. He will be in Saint John on Friday. He has talked about how the work is hastening and we need to work harder. He is right. There is a greater urgency in the work that we do. I realize that I need to have more focus and more diligence.

This week we taught Ester, Rosa and Cloudia again. We taught the girls about faith. we gave them seeds to plant (I hope they grow!!) THEY CAME TO CHURCH! So fun! The girls loved it. Ester and her husband, Claudio, seemed to enjoy it as well. Now they just need to keep coming! 

We also saw Brendan and Heather again. Oh I dont even know what to say about them. Heather is a recent convert. She was baptized last fall I think. She is doing amazing. She just got a calling at church. She is the new librarian, she says she loves it. Brendan, is still Brendan. He has come a long way.He says he has a lot to learn. 

Like Bobby, I also got sick this week. Probably not as bad as he did. I got a cold on Friday and it hit me hard on Saturday so I was out for a couple of days. There is nothing that I hate more than being sick when there is so much work that I should be doing. 

I got the package that you sent me! Thank you!! And thank you in advance for the glasses!! :D I can not think of anything else that I need! THANK YOU!!

I can not think of anything else exciting to tell you about!


I want to thank you all for your prayers and support. It makes the work here a lot easier when I know I have family at home supporting what I do! Miss you.


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