Monday, March 11, 2013

"Hot Tamale"

Well hello From Freaking Hot Tamale
This week has been a VERY long week. All but 5 of our lessons this
week failed. It was not a good week at all because the only thing Elder
Roach and I did was we walked around and talked to people about the
church (Mostly Muslims) This week it has been right around 40
degrees Cel.  (about 104 far.) that's HOT!  So it has been miserable
walking around contacting. Its painful sometimes. But, this week we have
contacted 5 people that might become new investigators so just like the
song says "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven" its so

OK the best part of the email is going to be this part because of one
Today for our pday activity we went to a place called Mole National
Park. We got up around 5:30, left tamale around 6:00 AND traveled 
3 hours on a crappy road, paid 120 Cedis to get into the park, drove 
to the visitors information place where we HAD to hire a tour guide 
for 35 Cedis an hour (the tour guide had a gun just in case an animal 
attacked us), drove around for about 20 min found some
baboons and warthogs, drove about another 20 min and found a herd
of elephants swimming in a small pond!!!!!?????    
What??? Elephants??? So we did what any 20-25 year old men would 
do we got out of the car to take some pictures.....  so as 
we were taking pictures everything was fine... we were cool,
the elephants were cool, the guy with the gun was cool,
everything was going good. After taking pictures we saw another
herd of elephants so we started walking over to take pictures of
them as well. I guess when we started moving it startled one
of the elephants and he started running towards us. All 
our tour guide said was "run a way!!!!"  so all of us (except the 
tour guide) start running away, but the tour guide stands there with 
the gun pointed at the elephant and the elephant stopped running at us.  
It was the COOLEST thing that has ever happened to me!!! And the 
way the guide just stood his ground he was not scared of anything!!!
(I think he would have shot the elephant if it came any closer, but 
I also think he only had one bullet  ha) so ya thats my Elephant Story!!! 
I hope you can understand it, I can't remember how to write complete sentences!

We are also having a mission tour this week end. We will be traveling
down to Kumasi (by bus almost 8 hours) on Thursday morning having 
our meetings on Friday and coming home Saturday morning (by bus) 
its going to be a long trip. I am going to die!

Oh ya, I got my birthday package. Thank you so much. I am 
enjoying the sanuk's and the race cars!!!!

Well I think that is all I have this week. I love you all and I hope 
you have a great week!

From Ghana With Love
Elder Riddle

ps. ELEPHANTS!!!!!!

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