Monday, March 25, 2013

We don't have carpet here!

Well Hello Everyone !

This week has been a long week!!! We have been trying to get back into the work after our long trip to Kumasi last week. Its been hard this week, I am not going to lie! 

 Ruth and Jannet have been gone all week they have not been at the school where we teach them because all the teachers here are on strike! So, we were not able to see them this week. But today we have a lesson planned with Ruth and Jannet and we have given them both baptismal dates and told them to pray about it. We have not talked to Ruth yet, she was going to ask her Dad (who is a pastor) if she can be baptized. Lets just say I have been praying all this week for Ruth. I just hope she herself had the faith that her Dad would say yes.

This week we found 3 new investigators, Emmanuel, Miry, and John. We have met with Emmanuel once and he wants to learn more about how he can find out what church is true. He is a sweet man. He is about 45 and has a sweet family. He said that next time he wants us to teach his family too. Miry is a sweet lady. She is a converted Muslim and loves the gospel now. She is going to the church of  Pentecost  right now and the only thing that is holding her back from visiting our church is that we don't dance. hahahah . John is a sweet guy he is a friend to Miry and he is the reason we found Miry. John is a teacher (that is on strike) he is a sweet guy. We did not have a very long lesson with him but we are planning on seeing him soon.

Nothing much has happened this week its just been a dull week. 

Lets see, what have I done today.... I washed my clothes, I swept and moped my room (yes swept and moped, we don't have carpet here), I got my hair cut (I hate hair cuts here), and now I am emailing. Not to much has or will happen today, but that is the beauty oh Ghana.

Don't worry, I am writing you all letters. It is just going to take a long time for them to get to you because I am in Tamale, and no on ever comes up to tamale or goes down from tamale (its like we are our own mission) Hopefully we will be going down to Kumasi (again) on April 11th so maybe you will get mail in 2 or 3 months hahahah GHANA!

Well I don't have anything else to say.....

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle
ps. the pictures are of our hotel room that Elder Andersen and I stayed in last week.... nasty 

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