Monday, March 18, 2013

Kumasi Trip

Hello everyone! How was everything this week? I hope what ever you are doing this week (work, school, being pregnant, learning in the mtc, hanging out in Canada or Hong Kong, or just hanging out at the house) whatever it may be I hope you enjoy it!!!!

This week has been long!!!  We only had Tuesday and Wednesday to teach people and even that was not good we only taught 3 lessons this week.... thats bad!!!  
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we were in Kumasi for our Mission Tour which was great by the way. Elder Dickson talked to us about how we can strengthen the church both while on our missions and when we get home. He said the place it needs to start is family prayer. If we can get our converts to pray with there families they will be stronger in the gospel. And he said we need to have family prayer with our future families when we get home and have our own families... I thought it was a very good topic from him. 
Well, on Saturday as we were leaving Kumasi we got stuck in traffic. As we started heading thru traffic we got to a point where traffic was at a slow crawl, down a hill and as we were heading down this hill people on the side of the road started yelling at us and telling us to get off the road. As we are looking at the people we all noticed why the people were yelling at us... a semi truck (at the top of the hill) lost his brakes and was coming right at us. BUT, problem.... we are in traffic and can’t move! So, the semi hit us right in the back of the mission van.  Ha it was kind of scary and I thought Ii was going to die because of the speed at which the truck was coming at us, but when we finally pulled over off the road and looked at the damage there was only a small scratch and 2 broken tail lights. No one was hurt and the car was still drivable.  Miracle? I think so!   Anyway, everything turned out all right. The only real problem was it is now around 4:00 and we still have to take a 7 hour journey to Tamale. hmmmm....  so we start our long trek  and about half way Elder Dadzie Gets tired so he calls President Holmes. President Holmes tells him to stop driving and find a hotel....   hotel hahah right!!!  Well we found one.... some how..... it was a step below a hole in a wall. The first thing I said when I walked in to our room was "Crap I am Going to Die"   hahahah Think of the worst hotel you have ever been in and times it by 10 and you get our hotel... it was nasty. Needless to say, I got no sleep because I thought I was going to die!!!!!!

Well thats our Kumasi trip for you. I know it makes you want to come to Ghana doesn't it!!!

Well nothing really big planned this week, just a lot of teaching because we were not able to see our instigators last week. Although, one of the companion ships is having the first baptism in Tamale. I don’t know how they are going to do it because we don’t have a font. We might have to go find a lake or a swimming pool. That should be interesting!!!

hmmm I think that is everything that I can think of for this week 

Let me know what you guys are doing this week. 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 
ps pictures of the hotel will come next week 

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