Monday, February 4, 2013

My thoughts are not Gods thoughts!

Hello Everyone 

How is everything going? How is work, school and anything else that your doing? 

This week has been "interesting". So in last weeks email I told you that I probably won't be transferred this transfer. Well, I was wrong!  I was thinking that I had one transfer left in Sunyani as a district leader but it all goes to show that my thoughts are not Gods thoughts!  On Thursday, I got a call from President Holmes and he gave me some transfer news, but my transfer news has 3 steps.
Step 1. The release. "Elder Riddle I feel like you have done a good job as a district leader, but I am going to release you from being the Estates district leader.
Step 2. The first part of the call. "I am releasing you from being a district leader, and I want to call you as a trainer.
Step 3. Second part of the call. " Now Elder Riddle this assignment is not going to be easy for you because not only are you training but you are going to be training in Tamale. Yes, Elder Riddle, you are one of the 8 that is going to open Tamale"
So I got this transfer news on Thursday and have been thinking about it for 4 days now and it is driving me crazy!  First of I am training. Second, Opening an area, third they speak a different language than twi there.

My travel plans are me going DOWN to Kumasi for a meeting with Pres. Holmes for all the trainers tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  Getting my new comp. (i am told he is American) and having more meetings with President Holmes on Wednesday, and Thursday morning we are traveling UP to Tamale.   

This is freaking amazing!!! Tamale is now the farthest north the Church has gone in Ghana. It used to be Sunyani. 

I don't even know what else happened because my brain has been on this. um....... I cant think about anything right now.
But, also the Thayne's are leaving next week, I have spent my entire mission with them (thus far) and I am just glad that I am leaving them and not them leaving me. haha . I gave them your phone numbers and they said that they are going to call you when they get home. You should take them out to dinner just to thank them for me will you. 

Well, I think this is all I have to email you about this week. Thanks for everything you guys do for me. Thanks for your support.  I hope everyone is doing OK.

oh ya, I got a letter from Alex and a post card from Rachele and the valentines package you sent me thanks so much love you all

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle

Trying to get the Monkey to take the Book of Mormon.

Bobby said he would hate to have to climb down this tree.

Most recent converts in Sunyani

Most recent converts in Sunyani

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