Monday, February 18, 2013

Losing My Voice.....

Hey it sounds like you had a "fun" week. Its been about the same for me nothing much is going on here just A LOT of walking and A TON of heat!!!!   I love Tamale. Honestly, even though we only have few investigators, its always hot, and that there are a ton of Muslims here, I love it here. I love being able to open a new area because I get to show the people that God loves them!   Even though there are few Christians here, the ones that we have found have been prepared to hear this gospel. We are teaching a girl named Ruth and she is freaking smart. And she understands what we are teaching her, but (there is always a BUT)  her dad is a baptist Pastor!!!! CRAP  pastors are very stubborn!   but just so Ruth can progress we have to start teaching her dad so he can give permission  for her to be baptized.  I have heard about these stories before where missionaries go in to a new area and teach the pastors and they end up baptizing all of the members of that pastors church. I just hope that happens to me!  That would be crazy!    

So I am starting to lose my voice because I talk to much!!!  Since I am training I am teaching all of the lessons because new missionaries  do not know how to teach ( i was the same way)  so, my voice is starting to die. But I don't care because I am doing Gods work!!  

This week we have been able to find 6 or so new investigators and they all want to learn more. 3 of them came to church. It was so cool because Elder Roach and I were the only missionaries (out of the 4 companion ships) to have investigators at church!   YES!! We win! The missionaries here in Tamale are having a competition to see which companionship can have the first baptism!  I think Elder Roach and I Will win!

Well that's all I have this week. I hope you can understand my stories when they are written in broken English.
Love you all
From Ghana with love 
Elder Riddle  

Crazy Sunrise before going to Monkey Village

New Companion Elder Roach

Saying Goodbye to the Thanynes

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