Monday, February 11, 2013

I was in a snow globe that some child was shaking!

Hello Hello!!

ALEX....My Poor car! What did you do?!!! haha it is really sad if you think about it...that car has been through so much since I was 16!! 1st somehow the mirror was almost taken off by an aspen tree. 2nd remember all the car trouble when I went to school? Battery died..door locked and would not open. something happened with the transmission. oh yea the stupid but took off the back end of the car. and remember when i got stranded in the desert in the summer on the side of the highway!!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I think it is almost time to retire the old thing!! But I love it!! 

I can not believe that Jordan is home already!! so crazy! I was laying in bed last night and was thinking about how fast the time has gone since I left on my mission. I can not wrap my head around it...time really does fly when you are having fun..and it goes by even faster when you are in the service of God. do you realize that it is the middle of two months Bobby will have been out for a year!!!! What? that means three months later will be my year mark...which means I will only have 6 months after that!! I dont understand!!!! Why could time not pass this fast while I was in High School?!!! 

Well yes we did get hit with the big was a very weird storm to me!! It really did not snow that much, but the wind was blowing all of the snow into these huge drifts!! ok so funny story...we were asked to not drive as much as possible because of the storm, so we decided to take the bus to the lesson that we had that morning. It was about -10 out side and the wind was crazy!! blowing every which way...I felt like I was in a snow globe that some child was shaking! well anyway we had to climb through snow that went up to my knee to get to the bus stop. then we had to stand and wait for about 15-20 min for the bus to finally came. We got on and at first all was going well. then the bus missed the turn. or maybe we were just on THE WRONG BUS!! then we heard that the buses were being taken off of the streets because of the snow, so this was the last bus. Well we finally got off of the the middle of NO WHERE!!! We did not know how were were going to get home...forget about the lesson...lets find a way to get home. well we decided to see if the Elders were busy..we called them and they just laughed and laughed and laughed!! We got permission to ride with them, so they came and picked us up and took us home...what an experience!! I DONT EVER WANT TO RIDE THE BUS AGAIN!!!!  

Mom I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. I have met too many people who have lost loved ones that don't understand (or want to accept) the plan of salvation. This is one of the most important things that I have learned about on my mission. Nothing else matters if we dont understand the Plan that our Heavenly Father has given us. If we dont understand the Plan of Salvation, then the gospel of Jesus Christ means nothing, and the restoration does not even matter! But this I know...The Plan of Salvation is very real. Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us. He only wants us to be happy and return home to him. I love being able to share this with everyone that I come in contact with!! The past few weeks I have learned so much about a plan that He has for me. I am understanding more what my purpose is, not just a plan for Sister Riddle, but for Rachele. What He wants me to do. How I can accomplish that. And most important that he is guiding me! 

 I have only grown from the many experiences while on my mission. The atonement has never become so real to me. It is amazing the things that I learn when I am teaching a lesson. We have been teaching a less active Brendan..He does not really understand God, or the gospel, or the plan at all! We planned to teach him the atonement. The lesson was amazing! Because of the experiences that I have gone through, I was able to relate to him in more ways than I ever thought possible. As I testified to him about the atonement, and what it ment to me in my own life, I felt my own testimony grow. It was a very spiritual experience for both Sister Davis and I. I have never been more directed from the spirit of what I needed to say. At the end of the lesson we asked Brendan to say the prayer. The spirit was so strong. (oh at this point Brendan has been very angry with God) He was able to express his feelings and just talk to Heavenly Father. At the end of the prayer he said that he knew that Sister Davis and I were where we needed to be at this time. This is something that I have not been able to get out of my mind. Am I really where I need to be? I have made it a matter of prayer, and I KNOW there is no where else that I am needed more than here in Hampton and Saint John, New Brunswick, and I love it!

I can not really think of any thing else that has happened this week...It has been pretty slow. We are going to Fredrickton today. It is Elder Moor's Birthday tomorrow, so we decided to go bowling and play lazer tag with the other Elders in our district. it should be lots of fun. I will send pictures next week. I dont have time to upload any this morning we have to head to fredricton pretty soon. 


Love, Rachele :D


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