Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Crazy and Fast Week!

Hello Again!!

Another crazy and fast week has gone by again. 

We went to Fredericton (about an hour and half drive away...with no snow.) We went to celebrate Elder Moor's b-day. We went lazer tagging and Canadian bowling (also called candle stick bowling) it was really fun! The drive to Fredericton was nice, but we did not realize that it started to snow, so on the way home was not very fun. Well we got home safe and sound, and went to a dinner appointment. 

We had a District training in the morning, then we went to lunch with the Elders. We went to this place called Cora's . Really good breakfast food!! I had these giant blueberry pancakes!! SO GOOD! Well the rest of the day was just normal Tuesday...we taught a couple of lessons, had a dinner appointment, and then we went to PEC...that was weird..we were the only girls there, but I guess I can check that off of my list of things to do! haha

Very busy day!! We had a couple of lessons (our regulars) Brendan, Holly, and Sandra. Then we had a meeting with the Elders to talk about how we can help the work move forward in this we can better help the area/ward. We had another dinner appointment with Manfred!! He is progressing so well, but still really slow. He is looking for a job, so is more focused on being financially stable rather than putting the gospel first. After Manfred, we contacted a few referrals..they were a no go. 

Happy Valentines Day...PS I HATE THAT DAY!!! But I miss the heart shaped meatloaf...that is always one of my favorites!!! We had service at the library. After service Sister Davis and I went out to lunch to celebrate the annoying holiday, at Jungle Jim's! Love that place!!  We had a meeting with this lady who works at a volunteer center. She is trying to help us find some kind of volunteer/service to do in the Saint John area. (the library is in the Hampton area.) Well after we meet with her we went out to Sussex..tried to contact some less actives and had a dinner appointment with a couple from the ward. After dinner we had our first lesson with our new investigator Bobbie. She is about 27 and lives alone. Her best friend is a member, and referred her to us. She seems very open and excited about learning. She really liked the lesson of the restoration. I think it was one of the easiest/smoothest lessons I have ever taught! She said that if and when she knows it is true then she will be baptized. 

Weekly Planning Day!!! Longest day of the week!! Because we plan for two areas it takes us almost two days to finish weekly planning. But we did take a break from planning to go and visit a less active family in Saint John. The Hurtado's. Ester (the mom), Rosa (almost 8), and Cloudia (6), there dad was at work so we did not get to meet him. The girls are so cute!! They were so excited to have us there. Ester has some health problems and that is why she does not go to church very often, and the winter weather I guess makes it worse, but she does want Rosa to be baptized and she knows she needs to be going to church for that. She also wants Rosa to understand more about baptism, so we are going to start teaching her the lessons and prepare her to be baptized. It was the saddest thing for Cloudia when she found out that you have to be 8 to be baptized. But she is ok knowing that she can meet with us and learn more too! 

Well we did a lot more planning, planning, and more planning. We took a break to have the senior couple The Steffan's come over and check our appartment. It is just being finished with renovations...there was a flood several months ago and they are finally done fixing everything! Nothing too exciting...except we got transfer news...Sister Davis and I will continue to serve together. We will only be working in the Saint John area. Sister Rust is going to be training a new sister in the Hampton area. We are also getting a new Assistant (Elder Unger is going home :(  and a new Zone leader. Our district is also being split. There will only be 6 of us. The Elders in Saint John (Elders Moor and Prince), the Sisters in Hampton (Sister Rust and the new sister) and then Sister Davis and I.  

We attended the Hampton ward, President Leavitt and his counselors were there as well. They visit all of the wards in the mission and speak on missionary work. And how important the members are in the work. After church we had a pot luck. Then we went to visit a less active..who was not home. oh did I mention that it was a storm day..again!! LOTS OF SNOW!!!!! 

Well not much else is going on...we are having a relaxing day today!! SO VERY NEEDED!! This week should be a normal transfer week! 
Hope you all have a great week!!!!


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