Monday, February 11, 2013

Tamale at Last!!

Hello From Tamale

Well I am here in Tamale finally! After a 7 hour bus ride we got to Tamale around 5pm Thursday evening. And let me tell you, that we have a lot of work a head of us! For the past few days the only thing we have done is walk around talking to people and trying to get an idea of the area. Tamale is a lot hotter than Sunyani!   Another hard thing that we are facing here in Tamale is the religion problems. About 70% of the people are Muslim, and 20% are Christan and the remaining  10% is unknown/other! Now this is going to be hard for us because we have to find that 20%.  President Holmes wants us to start teaching the 20% because they accept that Christ is the savior of the world. Its crazy!   about 1 out of 15 people you talk to is a christian. Finally Sunday came, the day we have all been waiting for. We have been waiting for Sunday because we wanted to meet the members that stay here in Tamale. In sacrament meeting we had about 20 people, including 8 missionaries and Sis. and Pres. Holmes. We actually had about the same numbers as my first area (Fiapre) and my first area was a branch,.... we are only a group!
It has been a  good experience for us. We are learning so much about the area because we are just walking around all day... its fun.
the only part I don't like is the fact that they don't speak twi here. I have spent all of my mission so far speaking and learning twi. Now no one understands it. Its funny when I go to talk to some people I sometimes speak twi and they just look all confused at me. Good times!  
Also training is going good, my new companion is Elder Roach, he is from Virginia. He is a pretty sweet kid does not talk a lot yet but that's how all missionaries are when the first come out..

I have not gotten sick for a long time, so i feel like there is something coming for me soon!!!! hopefully its not malaria!!!!!!!!!!! But don't worry I am healthy and happy and doing the Lords work! Its good and fun!

Oh ya, I just found out that the man i baptized in Fiapre (Stephan) he just baptized his nephew that elder Larsen has been teaching. That was a happy thought for me!!!!

Well I just want you all to know that I am doing good and the work is progressing and that I love you all! Thanks for everything you do for me!

From Ghana With Love
Elder Riddle

PS oh ya on our way to Tamale on Thursday we had a 7 hourish bus ride and about half way there we made a pit stop in one of the towns so everyone could walk around and stuff like that, so i used the time to go to the bathroom. The people would not let me pee outside in the bush, but made me go inside their "BATHROOM" (its really 4 walls with a hole in the corner) They made me go in side to pee and then when I was finished they made me pay!!!!!!  10 pesewas (about 5 cents)  WHAT A JOKE!!  but at least I can now say I have paid to use the bathroom


I don't know all of the people in this photo except for Bobby and President and Sister Holmes.  He did say that the Elders that went to Tamale are Elder Dadezi (ghana), Elder White (Utah), Elder Andersen (Texas), Elder Roach (comp from Virginia), Elder Anumaun (In MTC with Bobby, Ivory Coast), Elder Modorobo (Botswana) and Elder Obeick (Nigeria)

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