Monday, February 4, 2013

"Ben the Beast"

Hello everyone!!!
what a crazy week! I think I say that every week. A lot has been going on. Covering two areas is really hard. There is never enough time to do everything we need to do in both of the areas. We have dropped a lot of the investigators that the sisters before us were teaching. A lot of them were just not progressing, and  we just could not get in contact with the others. Its hard having our teaching pool go from a pretty good number to now teaching almost no one, but time is precious and we can not focus on those that are not prepared enough, or have a desire to learn. 
We were not able to commit Manfred to baptism last week. He had too many questions and concerns that we had to address. Well we will see him again tomorrow, so maybe then. I think I told you a little about him. He is from Germany (sometimes it is really hard to understand him) and has a lot going on in his life right now. He wants the gospel to make sense to him instead of just knowing it is true spiritually. He does not want to pray. He knows he will receive his answer, but thinks his emotions from life will get in the way. I think he is just to scared to make a commitment, and ask a question when he knows the answer will require him to change. We had dinner with him last monday, and he made us schnitzel. It was really good!   
So have I told you about the family with 10 kids?!  The mom is a member, and her two oldest children were baptized a few months ago. We are teaching them the new member lessons.... We see them again on Wednesday. Should be great fun. ;D
So we had a couple of dinner appointments with some members in both of the wards....They are pretty good at feeding the missionaries here.  Oh and I did not tell you that everyone is related to everyone makes for knowing names really hard!!! Well we were on our way to a members house for dinner one night, The Cosmans. Well we realized that we missed the street that we should have turned onto. So we decided that we would just flip around and go back. Well our car "Ben the Beast" does not like to turn very well. We ended up off the road, stuck in snow!! haha there was no way we could get out. I got out of the car and tried to push it out...nope. that was not going to happen. We called the elders to come and help, but they were in a lesson and did not answer. So we decided to call the Brother Cosman. haha he said he was on his way. Well in the mean time, some nice man and his son stopped to see if they could help. They could not. we were really stuck. brother Cosman came with his nephew Jake. Jake is going on a mission in a couple of months somewhere in New York I think. Anyway he gets out of the truck and says "at what point did you realize that turning around was not a good idea" we replied "RIGHT NOW". Well they started getting the truck hooked up to our car when a fire truck pulls up and turns on his lights. They just wanted to make sure we were ok and that we did not need any help. Well that was exciting, and we will most likely never live that down. 
So tomorrow we have zone Conference. We have to drive to Moncton...I think it is a couple of hours away. So remember how part of my mission is in Maine?! Well we were talking to the Elders that are serving there right now, they are in our zone. We asked them to bring us some Oreo's, Peanut butter, and Dr Pepper!!! I am so excited!!! Ps all of these things are not canada!!! Oreo's here taste like dirt, and I dont even know how to describe the peanut butter. and the Dr pepper...its just better from the states!!! I asked if they had a Jimmy Johns there...Elder Chalmers said absolutely not! I think he misses it just as much as I do!!! So tomorrow is going to be a good day! (sorry bobby I know you don’t have any of those things but I will enjoy them for you!!)
Oh, so I forgot to tell you, last week I had to use my home card to buy gas for the car. The mission card would not work, but they put the money that I had to use back on my mission visa. I hope that was ok!! 
So at our sisters conference Sister Leavitt told us that it would be a good idea if we all had a pair of high heels!!! So I bought a pair. I used the money that they put on my mission visa...from paying for gas. They were only like $25. Gotta love Payless!!!! 

Well I guess I better get going! I love you all so much!! I can not wait for our Hawaii trip in 2014!!! 
Oh I just got the package that you sent me!!! THANK YOU!!!!! 


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