Monday, January 27, 2014 Cards

Hey guys how are things going?
Well for me things are going a lot better because I HAVE A COMPANION!!!!  His name is Elder Seyoum he is from Virginia very sweet guy, his mom and dad are from eastern Africa.
So Elder Seyoum and I have been working very hard trying to find people and let me tell you, there are very prepared people in this area this week. We have given 4 baptismal dates for February 2,9,and 23. and this week we are going to be giving another 4 dates! Man people are prepared.  So the people we gave dates to are Alex he is a student at KNUST, Emmanuel he just finished his schooling down in cape coast, Pat... she still has not been baptized but this next Sunday is her day, and Isaac he was a random contact. We met him smoking on the side of the road and taught him the word of wisdom and he accepted it!!!  
We have found a new way of contacting... we have been going  to the student appartments and hanging up cards on the bulletin boards and it works....its been helping us in the work.

Thats all from me love you all

From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 

ps 9 weeks left but whos counting 

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