Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas In Ghana 2013

I just talked to you guys but here I am again !!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!   I was expecting pictures of every ones Christmas gifts, but I guess not.

So something great has happened since I talked to you. We were talking to a member family at the church one day and they had all of their family there. We were asking them about their baptisms and we found out that most of them are just cousins to the family and have been baptized. But, we talked to one and found out he was not yet baptized. He said that he has come to church about 10 times. He has been at school so he could not be baptized. So, after figuring this out, we jumped on it and started teaching him. In our first lesson he told us he wants to be baptized before he goes back to school!! The hard part about this is that he is going back to school next week! So, we are teaching him everything this week and having a baptism on Saturday! Crazy! He is very smart, and he asked his Uncle for a Book of Mormon the first week he was living with him. He started reading it. We Don't even have to ask him to read he just does it.... its cool. So, we are having a baptism on Saturday and things are great 

From Ghana with Love
Elder Riddle  

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Cleaning Bread Pans for Service Project on Christmas Day

Fresh Bread!

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