Monday, January 13, 2014

Its cool to see how God prepares people

Oh this week has been hard!
There is a reason we preach the gospel 2 by 2!!!!!   This past week I have been with a ward missionary who is preparing for his mission. He does not understand how the missionary lessons are laid out. Which  means I taught all the lessons... not fun. But, he is a cool kid. He is going to South Africa.  Now this week, I am with a stake missionary. His name is Elder Boadi he served his mission in Ivory Coast. He got home about a month or so ago. I will only be with him for 6 weeks, well 5 now. But then I will be with a normal missionary again. 

This week we had a cool experience. We were able to contact a new investigator that is schooling at the university. He has been prepared for about 2 years. He was contacted by some missionaries in Sunyani, but for some reason they were never able to meet up. He was doing his own research and found the church web sites and even started listening to the Mormon tab. Then about 2 weeks ago he was again contacted by the missionaries. He then came to Kumasi for school. He has a desire to know the truth. He has a baptismal date and he is coming to church. Its cool to see how God prepares people.  (it may have been me that contacted him 2 years ago I can't remember)

Well thats all I Have for you guys this week. Pictures are coming! 
From ghana with love 
Elder Riddle 

ps never mind the computer is to slow to up load pictures.... sorry, maybe next week 

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