Monday, January 20, 2014

How is everything going????  Well this week has been funny. Yesterday my companion went to Accra! He is trying to get a job at the MTC...  um... so right now I don't have a companion!!! Even when we told the Mission President that my companion had to go to Accra all he told me was well, try and FIND a companion!   THIS TRANSFER IS NOT A GOOD ONE!   When have you ever heard of a missionary finding his own companion?  Honestly, I dont think my companion is going to come back. He will probably get the job and stay in accra. So, I have know idea who is my next companion!!!!   
Well, besides the fact that I dont have a companion, things are going good well for the most part.  On Sunday we were going to have pats baptism but the women she is staying with forbade her to come to church... so that just destroyed my week. But, I am looking on the up side, we have plenty of new investigators coming in to our teaching pool who are excited about the gospel...
Well thats about it for me! Sorry, no cool stories this week. I just realized I will only be emailing home 9 more times     WOW!  
love you all 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle  

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