Monday, October 28, 2013

Talking to Trees.......

Hello everyone! 
How is it going this week? Wow I can not believe that another week has gone by! So fast, I mean I cant even remember what we did.... oh ya on Monday I said we were going to central market to buy food stuffs, it was very funny with my companion because he has never seen anything like it. A total culture shock for him! (i did not have the culture shock that bad because of our trip to Mexico). While we were walking around I was watching him and I could see his mind racing trying to see what was going on and take in every thing.(I will add some pictures of what we saw)
Tuesday was a normal day, district meeting and just a normal teaching day.
Wednesday  we were only able to have 2 lessons because some of our investigators were not able to learn with us so we walked around trying to find people to teach.
Thursday we had one good lesson with a man that makes a traditional cloth called kente. We talked to him about the restoration and had a very good lesson with him. The rest of the day was spent finding people (we are trying to build our teaching pool) We did find some people, even a member that did not know where the church was. She said that she had gone out that day trying to find one of 2 things, the church, or the missionaries. And after searching she came home disappointed.... and then we walked past, we talked to her for a little bit and even invited her to institute that same evening. She was very happy to find us. She had just moved up from Cape Coast and did not know anyone. God answers prayers!!  Also, just after finding her we had a lesson with a man named Bernard and he is a hippie. He was talking to me and my companion about how the trees talk to him and stuff like that. It was crazy but very funny.
Friday we had some good lessons gave some baptismal dates and just had a very good day. Some of our investigators I just love so much and I wait for the day we get to teach them.
Saturday was disappointing... we had one lesson with an investigator that wants to come to church but does not want to be baptized. I am confused of what to do with him. The rest of our day we spent trying to find more people but it did not work.
Sunday we had a great day. At church we had some good investigators come to church as well. One of whom wanted us to come and see her after church, so after church we tried to find her house ( i had never been to her house before she is a new investigator) After calling her many times we finally got to her house. It took us about 20 min drive to find her on the side of the road. And after we found her it was a 30 min walk to her house. she lives right on the edge of our area. We had a very good lesson with her and gave her a baptismal date for November 10th. She was investigating the church before but had to stop due to school but now she is back and wants to be baptized!  
Today we are just emailing and then going home and taking a short nap and then going to see a few investigators. This week has been great, we found 6 new investigators and hopefully more this coming week.  
I love you all and I hope you have a good week 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle
ps enjoy the pictures of central market 

mmm...mmm..mmmm GOOD!!!

Central market

These are the people we are teaching

Elder Kaufusi and Elder Riddle

Look how green it is...

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