Monday, November 4, 2013

I am alive and kicking and having a blast in Kumasi

No Ghana does not celebrate Halloween  but I kept the tradition going with carving the watermelon.( I think I will do that every year just so I can remember my mission) other than that though, halloween was sad nothing special happened.

This week has been sweet!  We have been trying very hard to focus on teaching with the spirit. And boy does it work. But, it makes you spiritually tired.... but its awasome.   
My favorite lesson we had this week was our last lesson of the week. It was with  a sister named Gina or Georgina  and she is a referral from a recent convert named Jeff. She is very open and loves asking powerful questions about the lessons. Yesterday we went to teach her about prayer, and after teaching her we wanted her to pray. But, she was feeling to shy to pray in front of us. So, we kept on telling her why she needs to pray and not us. After about 5 min of talking I told her to take 10 seconds and try to find out if she is the one that needs to pray. After that ten seconds she says the spirit is telling me to pray! So, once again I invited her to pray. She was still feeling shy so we sat in silence for about 5 min why she thought about it. And then she told us that she has never prayed in public before and does not know how to pray out loud. We taught her some more and then she prayed and it took her a few min but she said a wonderful prayer. After she prayed I asked her how she feels. She said  "I feel like you guys are happy with me" and then I asked her who else is happy with you? She said God. Then I asked her who is the most happy right now? she had to think about that question but then she finally said in a very humble voice "me".  She had the biggest smile on her face because she realized that she could make herself happy by prying.. I know that the she will be baptized very soon because she felt the spirit and she knows that god answers prayers. She is one of my favorite investigators right now!
Well this Sunday we will be having a baptism at 1:00 and you are all invited....RSVP soon.   Lunch will be provided but not dinner.   The investigators name is Louisa and I think I told you about her last week? did I?  if not, she is 20 and the younger sister to a recent convert and lives in the middle of the bush.  She lives right on the edge of our area and she comes to church every week.  She is well prepared and I love it. 
Well not much else happened this week. Just so you know I am alive and kicking and having a blast in Kumasi. I just noticed I have 5 months left and my companion just hit his 1 month mark today  funny right?   Missionary work is so fun!
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 
love you all

Elder Riddle & Elder Kaufusi Carving the Halloween Watermelon.

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