Monday, October 14, 2013 in fresh or green!

Good morning to you all! 
How has your week been? Sounds like there are plenty of things going on back home... trips to St. George, taking school tests, fall break, and making apple cider. Wow sounds fun. 

Well my life this week has been busy. We have been going from house to house all week, not doing missionary work but getting fed by members and investigators. Boy will people here kill you with food. We have not been doing much missionary work this week because my companion wanted to go and see all of the people in the ward and say good bye.  He is at the mission home right now and I am in a 3 sum with the District leader and his companion (who are also in our apartment). I will be getting my NEW companion tomorrow afternoon... yes, I said NEW, as in fresh or green. I am going to be training AGAIN!!! But, thats what I was guessing because this is the biggest group we have going and coming. I think 18 missionaries going home and 15 or so coming. I will find out who I am training tomorrow.
So the pictures I sent to most of you, I dont remember if I sent them to all of the same people I am sending this email to, but if you did not get pictures I am sorry!  but any who....   yesterday there was an investigator that wanted to feed all 4 of us missionaries and we came a little early so the food was not yet ready so we helped her cook a little (pounding the fufu) and sat on their couch, and I also played with their 5 year old daughter, we played tag and I forgot how long 5 year olds can play tag... we played for 30 min strait and she wanted to play more!!!! it was very fun to say the least.
Well I dont have much else to say, But I am loving my time in Ghana. Even if I do go home every night  with wet feet because of the rain. But its all good!!
Love you all! 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 
Good Bye to Elder Leishman (bobby says he (bobby) is not the white one)

Traditional Cloth in Ghana

Waiting for an Investigator to feed us "food" for Elder
Leishmans last Meal in Ghana
Still Waiting........

........and waiting!

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