Tuesday, September 3, 2013

They were baptized!!

Dear Everyone 

Hello, how is everything going?  How is work/school/staying home?!  
Well this week has just flown by. Elder Helgesen and I have been having a great week. First of all those two girls that were supposed to be baptized last week but weren't because of their mother, well we went and talked to the mom and helped her understand why the girls wanted to be baptized. She then said she would allow them to be baptized. YES!! I was so happy when she told us that. I could not believe it at all, but guess what? They were baptized yesterday(Sunday)!  Such a good feeling to have someone in the water!! 
Also, I got transfer news on Saturday. I am being transferred to a ward, yes a ward! I have spent my mission in branches. The ward is called UST.  I am going to be with an Elder from Idaho (not sure how to spell his name) but I am very sad to be leaving Buokrom. I love this place. But, I must go where revelation points to right!  Well,  because I am leaving on Wednesday, today we are with the young men that go teaching with us ( Timothy and Richard)  and we are going to go eat pizza this afternoon it should be good. 

Well, that's about everything form me. Hope you all have a good week 
Love ya all 
Elder Riddle And Timothy who is standing behind me  

ps. Timothy wants to say hi.... hello Riddle family 

Baptism 2 Weeks Ago

Unknown Food

...but they are eating it!

Looked like a challenge to me!!

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Baptism this past Sunday

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