Monday, August 26, 2013

Baptism on Sunday

Hey everyone how is it going? 

Well this week has been short and not so good. I have been a little discouraged because of something that happened this Sunday. We were supposed to have 3 baptisms but we only had one!  We were teaching Edna, Evelyn and Munik.  All of them had their baptismal interviews and everything but... Edna and Evelyn were told not to come to church and be baptized by their mother! The same mother that said she did not care what church her children went to!  So, I have been a little up set the past few days. It always seems that right when the work starts moving forward someone is blocking their way!!  But, on the up side we did have a baptism for Munik (Monik)  and she was very happy. She said after her baptism that she has been waiting for this for a long time. That really gave my attitude a boost.

hmm... my toe nail came off.  I had to pull it off because it was just flopping  around in my socks. I bet you all wanted to know that didnt you...  but it is all good now.

Transfer news is this Saturday, so maybe I will have something cool to tell you next week! 

Well thats all for me 
Have a good week 
From Ghana With Love
Elder Riddle 

Baptism of Munik

His Area...looks like the big tree in his first area!

Building Toy Cars

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