Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Killed a Snake Today and Oh, By the way, I have Malaria!!

Hello family                       
                How are you all doing? Well I am just fine and dandy. Its been another long week in Fiapre. On Monday – Friday we had meetings like our district meeting and we had a service project where we planted corn. We had our zone conference on Friday and the mission president came and talked to us but other than that not much is going on. The other fiapre missionaries had a baptism on Sunday it was very nice, it was an older man about 80 or so and he was baptized by one of his friends it was sweet.
Oh ya we killed a snake to day

Michaela- when are you sending me some stickers? I have been out on my mission almost 2 months so that means that you need to send me 2 stickers. School is almost done this is your last week right? What are you going to do this summer?
Alex- wow almost a big high school kid arnt you cool ha. No but that is so cool I remember when I was going to start high school it seemed like graduation was so far a way. But as I look back it went by so fast so here is what you need to do. JUST HAVE FUN!!!!! School is only hard if you make it hard wow did I just say that!  But really there are times you need to have fun and high school is one of those times. Have a wonderful  last week of school.

Chele – how is work going ? I know it sucks but hey like I said its money. Have you finished the book of Mormon yet  it took me about a week or so. Anything else going on with you? What are your plans for your farewell what are you talking on what day do you leave for the mtc again?  Well just have fun before your mission the small time I had between the time I got my call and left for my mission those memories are the ones I think of when I think of home so JUST HAVE FUN!!!                  

Mom and dad – how are  you two doing anything funny happen at work (mom)  anything lame happen at work (dad) just kidding how is work for both of you?  The work here is hard!!!  I am just trying to push thru it and trying to help people understand the gospel. 

                                                                                I love you all very much
                                                                                                Elder Riddle

Then a few minutes later i get this......Dad, I need to talk to you. Are you at a computer?...I respond by saying yes,  is there a problem?  And he sends this......
Hey I don’t know if I should be telling you this and you can choose to
tell Mom or not, but I have malaria. I guess I got it while in the MTC.
It takes 3 weeks for the symptoms to show.  Ii am lucky because I
am taking my doxy so I did not get it as bad. Ii started feeling sick
on Thursday night. I was in bed all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am
feeling much better now because they gave me meds. I know it sounds
scary but its really common here. Its like the flu back home. Will you
just pray for me. I am not back to full striength nor will I be for about
a week. You can tell whoever you think should know sorry for the short letter today
but I have been a little preocupied
Love and miss you
Elder Riddle

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