Monday, May 21, 2012

2 White Elders

Dear Family and Friends 
                How is everything going? It really feel like I just talked to you guys on the phone. Well not much is going on here just a lot of work. We have only one lesson a day which is not good we usually plan for 5 or 6 lessons a day but they usually fail us. Well I have a little story for you all. Elder Belnap told me this the other day. Gladys our jr mother, 2 years before the missionarys came to teach her she had a dream and in this dream she was walking with 2 white men and she was best friends with the 2 white men. And when she woke up she could not figure out why she would be walking let alone be friends with to white men. But she realized what the dream ment 2 years later when she met 2 white Elders. She realized what the dream ment and joined the church. Today she is bestfriends with us. She says she will always take care of the missionarys because that’s how she is going to pay God back for everything he has given her. People here think that God speaks to them through their dreams which he does sometimes.  And now we are having problems with 2 people that wont look for the answer God is giving them to their prayers because they have not seen it in a dream. Well sorry this email is short but I am sending letters tomorrow so you will get those in about 2 weeks.
From Ghana with love
Elder Riddle
Today I bought milk which was not cheep. I bought ketchep and strawbery milk flavoring. I say its been a good p-day. I love you all and your letters are in the mail tomorrow. The blog looks nice. I am sending you and Mom a small preasant for Fathers Day and Mothers Day. I will send it with the letters tomorrow.  

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