Monday, December 2, 2013

The church is true!

Hey guys, how is it going?
It sounds like you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving. How was the food? I can't even imagine how good the food was and how much there was of it! So, what are the plans for Christmas? Are you guys staying in Utah <003.gif>?   I saw the pictures you sent me and man everyone is getting so old (not mom of course) but Kaylee looks like she is 10, Mic looks as if she could now beat me up, and Alex is starting to look like Amanda... sorry Amanda I was not saying you look old... Rachele is starting to look responsible <360.gif>. Nick looks like a skinny Santa. Amanda... looks very stubborn still<338.gif>  but ya, everyone is changing. I don't know about dad because it seems he is afraid of the camera!
This week has been a very challenging for me. We have been having problems with one of our investigators, sister Afia. I have talked to you guys about her before. She understands everything we teach but this week she has been acting like she does not know us and it is blowing my mind! I don't know what to do. Its not easy being a missionary.
We have had some success this week. We have been able to see some new people but the new people are college students. We have given baptismal dates to some of them but they are all leaving kumasi for the Christmas break in a few weeks. So, we will have to wait until they get back but that is not until February!!!!!!  The work is starting to slow down for us a little bit because everyone is getting ready for Christmas.
So mom was asking me some questions about my apartment and I just realized that I have not said much about it.... but in our apartment we have 4 elders we have a fairly large apartment its about the size of my apartment at Dixie.. it has 2 rooms a bathroom, a study room, a kitchen and a large room that we use as our washing room. We have lights (most nights) and we have water. When we have lights which is normal for Ghana. We live on the top floor of a 3 story building. Its great climbing the stairs every night.  
Well thats about it right now. Nothing to cool going on just some teaching and a ton of walking!!! I love it! The church is true! 
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle

Elder Riddle and one of the Members.

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