Monday, December 16, 2013

Grateful that I can bless the lives of the people here in my area!

Hey everyone!
How are things going?  Things are going great here. Just having a good ol time waiting for Christmas! I got the packages. Everything is still all wrapped up and looking nice!  I did enjoy the candy though :)

This week has been good and really fast. I feel like I just emailed yesterday.  Yesterday, we made history in the church... we had a special stake conference and they split the Kumasi Stake. Now we have the Ghana Bantima Stake and the Ghana Dechemso Stake. Its cool to see the church grow. At the conference we were able to hear form President Holmes and Elder Curtis. It was very cool to see how the church is growing. I also got to see some of my recent converts! They are all doing great and are strong in the gospel. Some of them have callings and it makes me happy to see them.

Well this week we are having our Mission Christmas party. We are all getting together and having some fun on Thursday. It should be good and fun.  So next week is Christmas and I don't really have a planned time of when to call home. I will have to discuss it with my companion. One of us will call in the morning and the other in the evening...  so I will let you know next week.  
We are having a baptism this week!!!! If she passes the interview... her name is Sister Pat. She is very powerful. She has a huge amount of faith. When we first met her she did not even go to church. She did not know she could pray for herself and she just did not understand the gospel. But, as we have been teaching her she knows that everything is true! She just accepts it right then and there. Whenever we teach her,  she always asks "why?" and then we explain it better and she just says "OK". She has a very powerful testimony.  The other day she got very sick and her mother took her to the hospital. She spent the night in the hospital. While she was sleeping she had a dream and she told us the all she saw in her dream were Elder Kaufusi and Elder Riddle and then she woke up. She figured out that she needed to have a blessing (we have not taught her about priesthood blessings yet) but she figured it out by herself. So the next day she called us and we went and gave her a blessing. She is doing great now and she is looking forward to her baptism on Sunday!! I know the priesthood is in this church and I am so grateful that I can bless the lives of the people here in my area with it. 
love you all
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle 

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