Monday, June 18, 2012

Burning weed.......??

Hello Family
How is everything going? Well for me, we just had our transfers last Wednesday. Nothing that really effected me because I am being trained still. But we got a new Elder in our apartment. Elder Udo he is fresh from Nigeria. Elder Mensah is training him. We just got news that Fiapre is becoming a branch which is a good thing because it means that we are growing here in Fiapre. So last week we cleaned the weed patch in front of our house. (no not the drug Weed)  Now we have to burn it. Some of the weeds were as tall as I am. So now we have a nice clean yard. The Thaynes, the couple missionaries,
have a goal to put in a volleyball net in our yard. So we started construction on that the other day. Its going to look nice. I will send pictures when we finish it. I hope everyone has had a great week and I hope Dad, Grandpa and Nick all had a wonderful Fathers Day. I wish I could have called home for that. But I can't, so Happy Fathers Day a day late! I love you all and thank you for your prayers.

From Ghana With Love

Elder Riddle

Lori was lucky today and was able to have a conversation with him. This is that conversation

Bobby: Take this how you want either good or bad......
I am going to stay in the Kumasi Mission for sure. They are still
trying to figure out what our transfer scheduel will be, but it looks
like I will be coming home 3 weeks earlier. Which means I will be
coming home with Luke Fitzgerald. (luke is a friend of bob's from pg)

Lori: Have you met the new president for that mission yet?

Bobby: No, he is coming the first of July. The week after that he will come up to meet with us in Sunyani. And the mission officaly splits on July 1st.

Lori: Are you excited to stay/meet them?  Will all the elders you are with right now stay in the new mission?

Bobby: Yes, this was the last transfer in between mission boundrys every one that is on this side of Ghana will stay in the Kumasi Mission. And Yes, I am excited to meet him. He is from South Africa. Oh, random, I don't know but did you ever get a letter form Elder Belnap (bob's current companion)

Lori: We got a letter from your trainer the day you came out of the MTC, with a letter from the Pres. But thats the only mail we have received. Tell us how your week goes... how the food is and what an average day is like if you have time

Bobby: Oh, ok sweet. Well the food is good. I told you about fufu. Its really good. I will send pictures soon. There is banku which is kind of like fufu but its not mixed together in one bowl. I eat a lot of egg sandwiches. Usually for breakfast I have one and a drink called milo(me lo) kind of like chocolate milk.  Our day is like we usually go see a member aroud 11, come back for lunch at 12, go back out around 2, have about 4 lessons thru out the day and come back home around 7. Its been good.

Lori: We forgot to put your sim card in the package.  We will mail it to you.-- can you buy them there?  Take lots of pics.  Send us pictures of your companions and those you teach.

Bobby: Yo Mati (ok i have heard) that is twi. I will see how much they are. I might just print some off and send them in letters so i can still have my card

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