Monday, June 25, 2012

A Branch for Fiapre

Well hello everyone
Its been a fast week. Did I tell you about the lady we are teaching named Bertha? Well if not she has a sister that is coming to visit from the states and she just sent like six boxes six feet tall to Bertha. All of the boxes were filled with American food. Yesterday she gave us American Coke and Chips Ahoy. Oh my gosh, so worth pulling water from a well for  her!:) Well good news from Fiapre this week. We were made into a branch on Sunday. They called a Branch President and everything. This is great news because it means the Church is growing in Fiapre. Well thats all the news I can think of. The package you sent me is in Kumasi it came up last night. I will not get it till the mission splits and the new president comes to visit us. Maybe it will come up earlier if the Thaynes go down to Kumasi. The duty is going to be $26.90 thats some how plenty money. ha But its ok I have money to pay for it. Hopefully it will get to me soon. Well here are some pictures.....

Elder Riddle

Upper Left: Local Waterfall. Upper Right: Bob's new hair cut "Its Hot" he said (the weather not the hair cut).
Lower Left: All the Missionaries at the Waterfall. Lower Right: Two Watches (tan line)

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