Monday, February 17, 2014

Mission Rule no.1 baptisms always come after you leave your area!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone!
So I am being transferred.... for my last transfer on mission... not cool at all! Here I am in UST minding my own business finding people that will be baptized very soon and then BAM I am being sacked from this area and being taken to a place called Kwamo with a companion named Elder Holmquist.  
Mission Rule no.1  baptisms always come after you leave your area!!!!!!!
So right now I have been stressed because I am coming home in 6 weeks and then when I got the transfer news. I almost had an anxiety attack I feel so stressed right now!!!! 
I don't know how to feel right now because I dont feel like I have enough time in this area to do much...   My mind is just scattered right now. I am sorry for the very random email.
So, I am coming home in 6 weeks. I only have 5 more emails left!!!! 
Don't worry even though I have the stress level of a pregnant woman giving birth in space! I will enjoy this last few steps of my mission.
sorry once again for the random email.

From ghana with love 
Elder Riddle 

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