Monday, February 10, 2014

Alive and Kicking

Hey guys.
How is everything going?  I hope all is going good for you. How is school? Work? Social life? Dating(Rachele and Alex)? Church callings?
So this week has been very interesting for us. iIt started off great, we have been finding great people but the problem is trying to meet with them. They are mostly students and they are always busy...ALWAYS. But, we have been finding some cool people, one of which is sister Anita. She is schooling at KNUST for sociology. She is a very cool girl and is very interested. She has a baptismal date a day after my birthday.  This week we had some things standing in our way from getting out and teaching.  Thursday we had a meeting with President Holmes and on Friday and  Saturday my companion got sick again and then on Sunday I got sick form eating bad food (not fun) but today we are doing great we are alive and kicking.
This week we hope to have no distractions in our plans. We already have had some problems.... we don't have money today so we are trying to live off of nothing... money should be in tomorrow so its some how like we are having 2 p-days this week.... hopefully no more surprises.
Well I will let you guys have a good week.... bye.
From Ghana With Love 
Elder Riddle

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