Monday, April 23, 2012

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Hello Family
Just another day here in Ghana. We had our Sacrament today and the spirit was there. I had to give a talk in church and it ended up just me bearing my testimony. I ate one packet of my oreos:) it was a grand time, a great gift from my family. I am leaving the peanut butter and honey for later. How are you guys doing?  Thank you all for the emails and letting me know you love me. Dad talk to Kenny, Scotts brother at work and have him teach you the hand shake they use over here in Ghana. Its pretty cool. I cant get all the pictures to upload to the email because the files are to big I might just need to send the sd card home but I will let you know if/when I do what do you want me to do? Sorry I have not taken any pictures of the food its kind of hard to remember to take my camera with me everywhere. I talked to the MTC President he thinks my-self and Elder Baird are great Elders and he understand what we are going thru. His wife was in America last week, and this week she went to a wedding in Disney world, so not fair. Elder Baird and I have become very good friends. Yesterday we were talking and Bear Lake came up and we both said that one thing we are going to miss is Raspberry Days. :). Our Mission President is coming on Monday to visit. They are going to stay for a couple days, I think.  Let everyone know I love them and that their prayers really do help. Thank you for you love and support I love you everything you have all done and are still doing for me today.       
Love Elder Riddle     
Write me back. I was told I will have email most of my mission. They keep the white missionaries down south because we can't understand the language they speak up north. So I will be a little more civilized were I am.   And I also learned that the have Internet cafes that we can use everywhere in Cape Coast. Once again I love you all.  Elder Riddle  (Bob)

Here are a few photos he sent us

Elder Riddle in front of the Ghana Temple

Elder Riddle in Front of Ghana MTC
Elder Baird (Preston Idaho) at Ghana MTC
(He and Bobby left SLC together)

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