Thursday, April 19, 2012

1st real letter while at the MTC!

Well to start off we went to the Temple today it was an amazing trip. Its about an hour ride into the city but when we got there most of the Elders had not been through the temple. So 5 Elders and myself went and did sealings while we waited, and can I say what an experiance. The spirit was very strong and it helped grow my testimony about families.  Anyway... how are you guys doing with out your favorite child there? ha As you know its hard for me to understand the Africans English but it is getting better. Well here at the MTC we have Elders from all over Africa such as Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d' Ivories, South Africa, Serra Leone, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Togo, Madagascar, and the Republic of Congo. My companion is Elder Oodoh he is an ok kid.  The food, did I tell you about it? Mostly rice and some kind of meat or fish. And the fish is the entire fish. not appetizing!
Oh ya, before I forget, Elder Baird he is an amazing kid. He is from Preston Idaho(Logan). He has an amazing testimony that makes me strive to do better. I met my Mission President yesterday. From what I know he is a great man. Don't worry about me when I leave the MTC, I will be riding with President and Sister Shulz. Also, The ''pouch letters'' you can use an envelope to mail you just need my address do you have it?   thanks for the letters.
Do you want me to email photos or send the SD card when I leave the MTC?
Well I have to go, love you tons thanks for your support 

Elder Riddle  
Love you guys

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